We offer a range of standard products ready for general electrical needs. We can also tailor the same products to your needs.

From flat or standard cables, wiring Harnesses, heat shrink sheaths of various sizes to push switch panels and electrical panels:

Flat Cables

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We manufacture Flat or Ribbon wires following customer requirements

Push switch panels

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We produce control panels and control wiring complete and ready to be installed in the machine.

Electrical panels

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One of the most relevant products are electrical panels that we produce starting from standard carpentry or personalised carpentry

Standard cables and wiring

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Wiring, a crucial part of the services offered by New Tech, is carried out and made possible thanks to the most modern and refined machines for the production of wiring.

Heat Shrink Sheaths

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We use heat shrink sheaths made of high-quality raw materials with an excellent quality/price balance.