New Tech Srl

Electrical wiring harnesses and electronic assemblies

NEW TECH is a company in the province of Bergamo, with 17 years of experience in the sector, offering itself on the market of electrical wiring and assemblages.
Our product portfolio includes electric panels, push buttons, cables and wiring (standard or tailor-made). We strive to deliver quality parts, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer service –all at competitive pricing!
Come into our world and see how our operations will help you!


Mechanical Assemblies

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We are at your disposal for the realisation of mechanical assemblies in general and lamps tailored to the specifications provided using wiring diagrams drawn according to the customer's requests or needs

Creation of special and tailor-made wiring preparation

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We have all the specific equipment for the realization of electrical wiring, special wiring and harnesses on board the machine

Building of electrical diagrams

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We realize tailor-made electrical or electrotechnical panels can achieve by using wiring diagrams designed according to customer requirements or requirements.

Resinating of electrical components

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The resin coating process of the electronic components is very important and is used to ensure total protection of the electronic circuits.

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