THE NEW TECH is a company with 17 years of experience in the sector was born in 2001 in Alzano Lombardo in the province of Bergamo which proposing itself on the market of wiring and electrical assemblies.
We aim to provide the customer:

  • High quality of production processes
  • High-quality service
  • Price competitiveness

The high quality of production processes

Careful procedures for monitoring company processes at product andsystem level, coordinated with automated processes, guarantee an adequate and constant level of quality of the semi-finished and finished products.

High quality of service

The high quality of the production process and constant monitoring of this means that we at New Tech can always provide the perfect service.

Price competitiveness

Direct management of the procurement process and stock management, production planning and work cycle management, all supported by a company information system allow us to keep prices competitive at all times.

Our products and services

We produce:

  • Electrical wiring
  • BT electrical panels
  • Electric Control panels
  • Electrical Automation panels
  • Assembly of electrical equipment
  • Assembly of electronic equipment

We work with electrical wires starting from tiny sections (0.14 mmq) up to power cables (70 mmq. mm). All processing is done by automatic machines that guarantee quality and speed in the processing of raw material.

We produce command-and-control cables for:

  • Lifting systems
  • Conveyor systems for high and low temperatures
  • Servomotors drives and PLCs, for data transmission, the connection of photovoltaic panels, network, coaxial and fibre-optic cables.

The production of these wiring is completed with:

  • Protective sheaths
  • Braided sleeving
  • Neutral heat shrink tubing
  • Heat shrink tubing marked to identify product code, order no. Order number etc.

In tailor-made electrical wiring for automation or personalised electrical installation for data transmission, we use RJ45, AUDIO, DC, DIN, DVI, HDMI, MOBILE, POWER, S-VIDEO, SATA,SDI, USB, VGA, SUB-D…

Regarding the electrical panels we are present in the following sectors:

  • Electromedical
  • White
  • Textile
  • Food industry

We use boxes, switchboards, cabinets and metal carpentry units made according to customer specifications. The components for the realisation of the panels are purchased by us (clamps, cable glands and electromechanical components) directly from the manufacturers, skipping intermediates like distributors or dealers to guarantee low costs of the finished product.

We also manufacture industrial control panels for the North American market that comply with UL/CSA regulations.

All cables coming out of the switchboard or supplied are marked ink-jet or initialed with heat-shrinkable sheaths to ensure correct and efficient assembly bythe final operator. The information on the heat shrink sheaths is as follows: test data (if required by the customer’s specifications), wiring diagram and nameplates.

We assemble electrical and electronic equipment on behalf of our customers by testing products with test benches designed and manufactured in-house.

We make the resin coating process for electronic components and parts of equipment where the waterproofing of the product must be guaranteed.


Come and visit us, you can buy directly in our workshop: